Wednesday, September 05, 2007


And we're off!

Yesterday the juniors and seniors had a half day and things ran quite smoothly. Especially for me (I don't teach juniors or seniors). I got my room nicely decorated, directed students toward their classes and accumulated more textbooks. After school all of the teachers in the district met and were greeted by the superintendent, lots of political figures (who just wanted to get into the school) and a comedian. Yes, our 'special guest' was a comedian. The district paid over a thousand people to sit and listen to this guy, he might have been funny if I had been in the mood, but I had a lot of better things to be doing. In fact, another teacher and I spent the last 15 minutes listing the things we could have done in that hour that would have made us better teachers. My favorites were: eat pie and go out to lunch with our co-workers, there were also the more practical ones like: find someone who knows how to teach Algebra I and talk to them. That one is still on my list of things to do, preferably really soon.

Today I actually had kids in my classroom, how exciting!! My classes keep growing, not quite exponentially, but steadily nonetheless. I'll actually get to know them later, today was just 9 minute periods, which means enough time to take attendance, send people who weren't in my class to the right place and remind them they were in math class. We might actually talk about math tomorrow, interesting concept, I know.

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