Tuesday, July 31, 2007

almost there

My stuff has taken control of the kitchen. I never knew how much I owned, or how much my parents had saved so that I could take possession. Of course, everything that I relocated into the kitchen had been sitting still for at least a month, so it was covered in dust. Dust and I don't get along that well, so my poor nose has been running a marathon. Everything might finally be contained in something that can be easily carried though.

The best part of today was the DMV- the most waiting that happened was the teller waiting for me to fill out forms. It was amazing. Plus, getting a driving record with 0 points handed to me was an ego boost. Thank you to the random guy who let me go without making anything official when I bumped into his truck!

Monday, July 30, 2007

one month later...

Yea, so camp happened, and blogging didn't. Camp was crazy: met lots of awesome people, did some cool math, rode in an ambulance, trained my body to live on lots less sleep and managed to not go completely insane. There were 40 high school girls living with 6 residential advisers. They were amazing- the girls and the other staff members. I got to personally step in to several heated discussions and be first responder at a number of medical emergencies, but generally speaking the students were easy to work with- interesting, unique and spirited. The girls in my class were brilliant and insightful. I got to make a lot of cool origami in our workshop- my apartment will be colorfully decorated with all sorts of interesting paper objects. I have tons of interesting stories about the month, but I couldn't possibly write them all down now.

I move to my new apartment on Wednesday. Thats really soon. I had no idea how much stuff I have- its all over the house, mostly packed, but there's still a lot of work left to be done. I think I'll go play with bubble wrap. :)