Take Aways

At the end of each post I'm trying to write a couple key ideas that I want to remember in the future.  I'll add them here whenever I'm procrastinating...

General Teaching Practices:
Do multi-step, synthesizing problems (before Trig) end of year reflections
Start with an exploration, then intro vocab: Logic Unit

Quiz regularly Goals (Post PCMI)
Take time in class to correct Tests and Quizzes: Test Corrections

Comments only on projects Goals (Post PCMI)
Comment Only Grading, really do it, all year, it works! Grading with Stamps

If you're organized, grading isn't so overwhelming: Organization System
There are lots of cool ways to use technology: Tech for Teachers

Classroom Environment:
Ways for teacher and students to report group dynamics? (rubric?) end of year reflections: Fund

Emphasize importance of making up work early and often. end of year reflections Alg II

Encourage leaders to be positive, a few kids can sway the whole class! Ambiance
Make classwork grade more transparent Goals (Post PCMI)
Be clear about expectations- put the rubric in the kids' hands: Reflection and Self Assessment

Content Specific:
Make proofs more 'low threshold'  end of year reflections
Prove you correctly identified tree to intro proofs. end of year reflections: Investigations

More Algebra practice in Fundamentals end of year reflections: Fund

Do rolling markers in Learning Skills end of year reflections Alg II

Use GSP, Snap, Google Docs Goals (Post PCMI)

Last Updated: November 5, 2011