Friday, January 20, 2012

Moving Day

After a semester of use I've decided that I like blogging.  More than that, I want to share my blog with my department and make it a little more than just for me.  However, I've been using this blog since college and the title/url is the username I've had since I was 10.  I'd like my school blog to be independent of all of that.  So, I moved to  I like the name well enough but I was much more excited about playing with layouts than coming up with a name so I may regret rushing that later.  It has multiple levels of interpretation though and since I teach almost all geometry currently it seems quite appropriate.

To those of you in a reader: I'm really sorry that you'll have to click out of your reader, go to the new site and re-subscribe.  I totally understand if you "keep unread" and save that arduous task for later.  Since next week is midterms for us I do plan to do quite a bit of writing though, so subscribing sooner rather than later is advisable ;)

Thanks for reading!

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