Saturday, February 23, 2008


The seeds are already growing! 4 of the 6 rows have little green sprouts. I may have vegetables before I can ever get them outside if it continues at this rate. I'm as overeager as my plants for warm weather. I bought a basket for my bike so I can illegally ride to the shopping center down the street (bikes are banned, outrageous!). I'm waiting to attach it in any sort of permanent fashion until I can try it out. Its rather large and I can't tell exactly how it will restrict my visibility. I'm jealous of everyone who has that flat rack on the back, I suppose they really didn't intend this mountain bike for carting things around.

Yesterday saw a trip to Boston. I took the commuter rail, of course, and found out that lots of commuters do the same thing! I've only ever gone on the weekend, so I was shocked to discover the parking lot completely full. Next time I'll head to the much bigger garage in Lawrence, the extra dollar is worth the knowledge that I'll have a spot, and a roof for when it snows! I had a fabulous sushi lunch, went thrift shopping ($3 for a really nice dressy jacket/shirt hybrid), had tea, dinner and did all the rest of my grading. Plus I got to hang out with cool people I don't see often!

One more day of vacation, then back to school. Its going to be shocking to go from seeing no one but the degus all day to interacting with a couple hundred people a day!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Last week went surprisingly smoothly for the week before vacation. A snow/rain day mid-week really threw things off, but it was otherwise productive. I had a nice, quiet weekend with a friend visit and a trip to the parents house.

Saturday resulted in 6 rows of vegetables planted in my mini-greenhouse. Basil, parsley, corn salad (a leafy green), bell peppers, chives and bell peppers. I think I might have been a bit overzealous. The seeds are tiny and the peat 'pots' I planted them in were hardly 2 inches wide, but eventually the plants will grow bigger, much bigger! Today I bought 5 window box type planters and a deep pot for the carrots. They're really pretty and made from recycled materials (yay!), but, they may very well take up my entire balcony.

I also got in some good cuddle time. There is a puppy store at the mall, and of course puppies cannot be passed by, allergen filled though they may be. Then today I went to a knitting group and one woman brought her 6 month old baby. I want one...

Monday, February 11, 2008


This weekend went by in a flurry! Friday I got a surprise visit from a college friend who was working at my apartment complex. That lasted until the planned visit of 2 other college friends and our adventure up to Portland. The weekend was spent partaking in free samples (chocolate and jam), eating out and catching up. The weather was rather white, but that didn't stop us from walking to many destinations. Maybe not driving into town offset my friend's plane flight? The drive to the airport was rather slow and wet, but we got everyone where they needed to be at the right times.

Today was spent catching up with myself after being otherwise occupied an entire weekend. My brain is still feeling a little slow, but everything at home seems to be organized.

I may finally know which degu is which! Nose-stripe climbed up and out of the cage on her own today, while no-nose-stripe waited for me to open the front door and let her out. I believe that means the striped lady is Lola and the unchanged girl is Nala. I'll be looking for confirmation on this tomorrow. I certainly hope that Nala doesn't develop the same stripe pattern Lola has formed. One of them is also responsible for some scratches on my back, she climbed down face me rather than the shirt (a more pleasant, fuzzy experience)- but I didn't take the time to look at her nose, I just wanted the claws on the ground!

4 days until vacation...

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Today I ran errands, cleaned and cooked. The rest of the day will be spent on more cooking and cleaning, plus a soap opera. I feel like such a housewife! If my stomach can manage to digest the plethora of delicious wontons I learned to make today, maybe some exercise will occur as well. Pilates video still screams housewife. I should do laundry too, as long as I'm playing the role.

What is it with animated dancing in ads? I just checked the weather and saw 2 women and 3 santa clauses doing a boogie. Weird.

I want to turn some of my empty pots into a veggie/herb garden. I think I'll have to wait until spring because I'm completely out of space to put pots. Plus the temperature does fluctuate quite a bit by the window, which seeds probably don't appreciate. I'd like to go skiing and sled a few more times, but otherwise I'm ready for warm weather and itching to get back out on my bike. Soon...