Monday, February 18, 2008


Last week went surprisingly smoothly for the week before vacation. A snow/rain day mid-week really threw things off, but it was otherwise productive. I had a nice, quiet weekend with a friend visit and a trip to the parents house.

Saturday resulted in 6 rows of vegetables planted in my mini-greenhouse. Basil, parsley, corn salad (a leafy green), bell peppers, chives and bell peppers. I think I might have been a bit overzealous. The seeds are tiny and the peat 'pots' I planted them in were hardly 2 inches wide, but eventually the plants will grow bigger, much bigger! Today I bought 5 window box type planters and a deep pot for the carrots. They're really pretty and made from recycled materials (yay!), but, they may very well take up my entire balcony.

I also got in some good cuddle time. There is a puppy store at the mall, and of course puppies cannot be passed by, allergen filled though they may be. Then today I went to a knitting group and one woman brought her 6 month old baby. I want one...

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