Saturday, February 23, 2008


The seeds are already growing! 4 of the 6 rows have little green sprouts. I may have vegetables before I can ever get them outside if it continues at this rate. I'm as overeager as my plants for warm weather. I bought a basket for my bike so I can illegally ride to the shopping center down the street (bikes are banned, outrageous!). I'm waiting to attach it in any sort of permanent fashion until I can try it out. Its rather large and I can't tell exactly how it will restrict my visibility. I'm jealous of everyone who has that flat rack on the back, I suppose they really didn't intend this mountain bike for carting things around.

Yesterday saw a trip to Boston. I took the commuter rail, of course, and found out that lots of commuters do the same thing! I've only ever gone on the weekend, so I was shocked to discover the parking lot completely full. Next time I'll head to the much bigger garage in Lawrence, the extra dollar is worth the knowledge that I'll have a spot, and a roof for when it snows! I had a fabulous sushi lunch, went thrift shopping ($3 for a really nice dressy jacket/shirt hybrid), had tea, dinner and did all the rest of my grading. Plus I got to hang out with cool people I don't see often!

One more day of vacation, then back to school. Its going to be shocking to go from seeing no one but the degus all day to interacting with a couple hundred people a day!

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