Thursday, September 06, 2007

index cards

My students are fascinating. I had them fill out index cards with contact info, how they feel about math and some of their interests. One listed the top 5 bands she listens to. Lots said they hate math, one said 'no offense.' This was frequently followed by: 'you have to teach me slowly,' 'break it down' or 'teach me well, I don't understand math.' Many of them can't spell, and I can count on one hand how many students have the same last name as the guardian they listed. One girl mentioned she has an IEP but neglected to tell me what type of learning disability she has.

I felt really bad today because I asked a blind student to write at least his name on the notecard. I didn't know he was blind, his aid told me she was going to lunch and that she'd be down the hall if I needed her. The student seems really sweet though, and he told me that he couldn't write, so I went with the flow, took back the pencil I had lent him and went on with class. It wasn't until I asked another teacher who had him that I found out he's 80% blind! These are the things that I should know before class, really.

I think someone is secretly stealing hours from me. School ends at 3, but I didn't get home until 5. I had dinner and did some work, suddenly its after 9. I just know that as soon as I go to bed my alarm is going to go off. Life is here and speeding by quickly!

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