Monday, September 03, 2007


School starts tomorrow. I suppose I'm ready, but I've been too busy the past few days to really think about it. Friday morning I brought in a bunch of decorations for my classroom and set things up somewhat. I'm happy with the placement of the furniture but I haven't decided how the walls will be organized yet. I also spent a lot of time moving and sorting books. I'm trying to nab all of the newer edition of my textbook so all of my classes can work out of the same book. It might not work though.

Once my stomach decided that I was done at school I headed home for sustenance before driving to a friend's lake house in Maine. We went out in Portland and spent a lot of time on/near the lake sailing, swimming, motoring, sitting and lounging. Sunday night brought me home, to meet with other friends and head to the Italian festival in Lawrence. It was a cultural experience including a parade with 3 saints as the focus and a political feel with the baby kissing and money collecting. There was an abundance of confetti (much of which made it home), music and dancing. Small children dancing are amazingly adorable. Today, Labor Day, presented another festival in Lawrence. The labor movement started here and is commemorated at the Bread and Roses Festival. We wore our white dresses (from Laurel Parade) in solidarity with the suffragettes, of course. There was a walking tour, museum visit, ballet performance, Raging Grannies, African Dance, jazz, spoken word, bumper stickers, buttons, jewelry, stir fry and ice cream. Plus it was super hot out, so the experience was enjoyable but exhausting.

School starts tomorrow!!

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