Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I had a meeting of math teachers today and going in I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised: it wasn't a meeting to discuss teaching but a 'study group' that meets to do math. It was nice to get to explore some interesting problems and be the student rather than the teacher for a while- plus we discussed what relevance this has to our students, so it wasn't completely for our own enjoyment. Considering I get paid extra to go, I'm not complaining at all! They mentioned a masters program run at BU that takes 3 6-week summer sessions and you get paid to do it! I'm working on getting more information on that. Pronto.

Students get their first quiz tomorrow. Which of course I wrote less than an hour ago. Should be interesting to see what page everyone is on. I have no expectation that they're all on the same page, but it'll be nice to have some more concrete information about their ability and comprehension. Especially after the special education teachers came in today and told me I have 8 students with math learning disabilities in one class and 9 in another. I should get a sp.ed. teacher in my class once a week... thanks?

40's as I was driving into work today, high 80's predicted for Friday afternoon- yay New England weather!

Interesting note- leftover rice pilaf and string cheese work surprisingly well in a burrito when combined with black beans and masked with salsa. Creative use of leftovers always provides unique results.

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