Thursday, January 04, 2007

well, its like this

Between last night and tonight I've watched 8 episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I find myself thinking like Larry David now. This concerns me. I hope that a few hours sleep will cure this unusual train of thought.

I can't decide if today was productive or not. I certainly accomplished things, but looking at my January to-do list I don't know if it is too long or too short. It looks like a tornado went through my room, but its an organized chaos. I never used to believe people who said that their mess was controlled, but I now see that it is really just a question of space. I can't put everything away until I know where it goes, and I won't know where it goes until I can see everything I have to put away. Therefore, for the time being, my room is a maze. By tomorrow night it should be amazingly put together instead.

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