Tuesday, January 16, 2007

no good?

So today I decided I liked the sound of Michigan for next year. Water sounds fun, I've always liked lakes and huge (great) ones are even better. Far enough north for full spectrum of weather, close enough but not too close to home. It is also rated 5th highest for teacher salaries and my license works there. Fits all of my requirements, but apparently those are insufficient. The friends said Michigan isn't cool enough- how do I know if a state is cool? Maybe some cities are okay... it has GLBT community centers, I thought that was a good sign. Tomorrow I will get precise details on what is necessary for a state to be acceptable by my friends requirements.

The pool opened again today. Yay for smelling like chorine. It makes me feel clean, even though that is contrary because it just reminds me how I haven't showered. I'm very determined to keep on a consistent gym schedule so I won't notice the lost time when the semester starts. I think I can do it, I'll have to put gym time in my permanent schedule before I print it out.

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