Wednesday, January 10, 2007

busy bee me

So, remember when I was sick of having nothing to do? Some may think I've overcompensated, but I'm feeling quite content. I get up in the morning, spend the hours from 10-12 building houses, 2-4 teaching class, 5-6 at the gym and 7-9 learning to crochet. During the breaks I eat 3 meals and a snack, watch movies, read blogs and complete my 2 daily puzzles (Mensa puzzle and brainteaser page a day calendars). The weather has fluctuated so much that in the past week I could be found in anything from tank top and sandals to long underwear and 6 layers. I saw snow flakes last night, and in some places they even lasted more than 3 seconds on the ground. Maybe there is hope for a day of sledding yet.

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