Monday, January 22, 2007


I made lots of important decisions today. For one, I figured out how many squares will be in my afghan (crochet speak for blanket). I also decided where I'll be spending the semester and the summer. I'm not taking the job offer since the teacher I was originally working with is great and I don't want to give up that support. I'll be spending part of the summer on campus again doing math camp. I think I might have chosen math camp over a vacation to San Francisco. Does that say a lot about me? Really, I just can't spend the whole summer at home, and I don't need 3 months to find a place to live (at least I hope I don't!!). Tomorrow I have to decide other essential things such as what to request in my bag lunch. Scary decisions will be put off to at least the weekend. These would include how to spend my Feb. break and where to move next year. I may spend the break figuring out where to move...

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