Friday, January 04, 2008


=dinner, only on vacation.

Happy new year. We spent the eve in Haverhill, Boston and Methuen. It sounds like a crazy party hopping event, but we actually went to the thrift shop (where I attained a snazzy CD rack), the early bird fireworks and spent the late night at home, making sushi and drinking some interesting varieties of alcohol. Chai liquor is only good chilled, its just spicy and strange at room temperature.

The rest of the week has sped by, lots of reading, sleeping, lounging, playing with the pets and an afternoon of sledding in 10 degree weather. I'm glad we didn't know it was that cold when we left because it was still fun, in the really numb- can't tie my boots because my fingers don't understand that neuron signals are occurring- kind of way.

Today I finally decided to be productive- planned classes, applied to grad school and wrote a recommendation letter. It was strange to be on both sides of that process. I have a scary looking mountain of grading that will have to wait until Sunday. Tomorrow is habitat! We're painting and it'll be good to get out and do something. Plus I've really been wanting to go, its the best thing I can think of to honor Kelly.

The wine and pancakes are mixing strangely in my stomach, I think its time to lie on the couch and add pistachio nuts, because clearly that will unconfuse my poor digestive system!

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