Saturday, December 29, 2007


Home was nice. Sometimes my family is frustratingly smart though. I have been playing and getting 40-43 on average. This was great, higher than the people I challenged, until my dad and uncle both managed 49's (out of 50!). Their vocabulary has had twice as long to develop as mine, so I guess its something to aspire to.

Christmas was pleasantly quiet and everyone enjoyed my gifts. I managed to finish all of my yarn projects in time, and let my grandma take the snowman even thought I really wanted to take it home with me (so cute!). My kitchen is now even more fully stocked, especially with a 'play and freeze' ice cream ball! New years and ice cream go together, I swear.

The degu's survived the week, made some new friends and got a brand new, full size wheel. They also got names- Nala and Lola. Lola likes to run, so we get to say "run, Lola, run" and then laugh at the allusion. Nala is still a little skittish but she really loves gifts of toilet paper to add to the nest she is building.

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