Tuesday, December 11, 2007

money for fun

This afternoon I got paid to hang out with a bunch of math people and try to solve the problem: there is a lock with 5 buttons on it, to create the combination you can press as many buttons as you want, in any order you want and press them one at a time or in groups. How many combinations are there?

I'm going to spend the next three summers doing the same thing- getting paid to go to BU and solve problems with the same guy who has been teaching these workshops. In the process I get my masters which significantly increases my teaching salary. I still can't believe that people want to pay me to do cool things! Plus, I'll get to take the train into Boston every day, which means lots of time to sit by myself and get work done. Maybe I'll be the crazy person on the train who talks to themselves as I try to learn Spanish via podcast.

My degus are causing trouble already, trying to break out of their temporary home. I hope I can pick up the cage before they arrive this weekend!

My carbon impact is less than half of the average person's! Not that the average person is a good bar to compare to, but still an accomplishment. What's yours?

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