Monday, December 10, 2007

homemade pretty warm fuzziness

Meaning, the blanket I've been working on is finished. Complete with fringe! Its so pretty and matches my bedroom perfectly, I want to keep it... Sadly its a Christmas present so I'll only get to visit it occasionally.

I will get some replacement warm fuzzies this weekend: baby degus! They're like chinchillas, except smaller. Planning for their arrival has been my biggest form of procrastination lately. Getting them was very much an impulse decision so I've been giving myself a crash course in degu history and care.

Grading quizzes was a surprisingly amusing venture this weekend. My students have taken to writing notes when they encounter problems they can't do. Such as:
"Fractions, aaaaahhhhh!" -I still really don't understand what is scary about fractions
"I need to retake this test, you teach too fast" -the student who sleeps through class
"Two b's??!!" -next to 5b+1=2b+7, a type of problem we spent several classes on
"Things that work well together" -definition of coefficient

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