Monday, January 21, 2008

gone in a flash

Last post I was excited about building, now those buildings are gone.

Habitat had finished one 2 family home and was doing finishing touches (last coat of paint and installing the fridge) on another. Other buildings surrounding these two were ready to be inspected for asbestos and work should have started any day now. Those buildings are gone, along with a number of others in a huge fire that swept through a block in Lawrence this morning. Families moved into the nearby middle school for the time being, bringing with them nothing but their pajamas and maybe a blanket. I'm sure these families include some of my students, yet somehow they have to take midterms tomorrow and go on with life.

I had other things to post about, but they've left my brain and are insignificant in comparison regardless.

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  1. :( - I read about the fire and thought just that - I wonder which of her students has been affected... c.e


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