Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yesterday morning I had to take the Miller Analogy Test to get into grad school. The closest testing location was in Salem, MA. Since I finished the test at 9:30 am I thought I may as well make good use of the day and the gas I used getting there by exploring the city. I found a cute local bakery to get a tea and croissant while waiting for the Peabody Essex museum to open. Then I explored the museum- getting to see the origami exhibit I'd been told about months ago, wandering through other exhibits and following a tide of people headed into an auditorium. Turned out that I had shown up on the opening day of a film 5 high school and college students had developed on immigration. It was brilliantly put together, personal, accessible and interesting to people of all ages. I'm getting a free copy sent to me to share with the high schoolers, perhaps through their TV production class, or maybe in history. If I get really motivated it could be through those, plus math and english, shared with the entire school and the implications of being an immigrant could be discussed among our population comprised largely of first and second generation students.

After I left that Salem, I headed to the other, in NH, to buy an excessively large wheel for the critters to run in. I managed to avoid buying mass amounts of yarn even though Michael's was in the same plaza, yay for will power. Today I must exercise more of that will to actually do some work. I have to teach again tomorrow, haven't actually done that in a week and a half with midterms. I wonder what I should talk about...

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