Saturday, November 24, 2007


I sent a work email at 10:30 on Saturday night, hope no one notices! I'm exhausted, except really awake. There seem to be different parts of my brain sending out conflicting signals. Part of me is revved up to be productive, and the rest has shut down. Listening to piano music makes me want to run downstairs and play, but the downside to living with people is that they wouldn't appreciate me pounding away, however beautifully, after 11:00 pm. Tomorrow I'll be back to living alone, but without a piano to pound on. When I was in college, Thanksgiving weekend was a big reunion, a time to visit with as many high school friends as possible. I didn't contact anyone to say hi, let alone see when they were around. It helps that I've seen people since the summer, but I still feel old. And I'm rambling. Got new yarn today for blanket #2, its pretty. I forgot to bring in canvas bags though, so I brought home plastic, another detriment of living with people, the bags have been kicked out of their prime position in the front seat so I didn't think of them. And tangent off of the rambling, I shall now sleep and dream of the delicious ziti we baked this afternoon...

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