Monday, November 19, 2007


The temperature fluctuations my body has been enduring are absurd. When I arrived in my classroom this morning from the 30 degree outdoors, I found the radiator was blasting cold air. I taught my first class wearing my jacket and with gloves on. By 10:00 the heater began pumping out 'room temperature' air (ideal room temp, not actual). Before the day was over though, it was uncomfortably hot in the room and I was wishing I hadn't worn such a warm sweater. This happened all last week, except it was a little more spread out, and was replicated again this weekend when I spent time outside (feels like temp=28) and returned to a friends apartment with an overactive heater (feels like temp=suffocating aka 80). I no longer know what to wear anywhere and my body cannot adjust to anything because of the constant changes.

In other news, 1.5 days to Thanksgiving break. I'm trying to put together an interesting way to review with my classes the next few days because new material probably won't go over so well.

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