Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2 of 4

Today was the official start of the second quarter.

Last week saw a mad rush from some students to get all the work from the entire year done. Other students were frustratingly indifferent to their impending F. I got to go to Boston and get lots of muchly needed hugs on Thursday. The weekend was spent grading, reading the entire archive of http://greenasathistle.com/ It was a great read, I was both disappointed and proud to find that I'd already made most of the changes she made. Except the big scary ones like selling the car and unplugging the fridge. Sometimes I wish I lived in a city so I wouldn't have to drive anywhere and the store was easier to access. But there are just so many people in those places! Maybe I'll move into one of those 'green' apartments they're building in Lawrence from the mills, I think they're right down the street from the Italian grocery!

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