Monday, October 01, 2007

when did Monday happen?

This weekend was awesome. Fun-packed (and therefore lacking in sleep) but completely refreshing. Friend visit, day of outdoor manual labor (Habitat), dinner party and an Italian festival complete with bocce tournament. Plus, I still managed to get enough grading/planning done to be ready for Monday. Monday never happened though. Part way through my first class I got the message that I was due at training for a computer program. I had 2 minutes to tell the substitute how my day works and what he should do with my classes before being whisked off to the computer lab. The training took an entire day and was mostly a waste of my time. I missed team meetings and some sorely needed time at the copier during my prep. I ended the day wondering what had happened. I still feel like I'm floating in time warp. Tomorrow is Tuesday, but it will be more like Monesday- the overlap of everything that should have happened today and that needs to happen tomorrow. Life keeps me on my toes!

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