Friday, October 05, 2007

weekend, extra large

Yay three day weekend! Its well deserved, but I'm also really excited about whats going on at school and look forward to getting back. Two of my classes started group projects which are decorating the classroom walls and another class is about to start the computer portion of the curriculum.

The best part of my day truly proved to me that I'm an adult. Linens 'n' Things is having a Columbus Day sale, so I went to pick up a comforter. I got a gorgeous $100 set for $40! My bed looks all shiny and nice; especially with the ruffle on the bottom to cover my wire frame. Too bad it was 90 degrees out today and I really won't want to sleep with that on the bed tonight.

I know I'm not too much of an adult because I couldn't drive past Friendly's without getting an Oreo Friend-z. I had a gift certificate which clearly needed to be used up! It did an excellent job of ruining dinner, which I am currently totally unmotivated to make.

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