Thursday, October 04, 2007


The three day weekend is coming, but not quite soon enough. Tension is running really high at school- among the students and staff. Teachers are building up frustrations at a lot of circumstances beyond our control which leads to them either blowing up at students or venting to me. Students are snapping over little things- two boys started cursing each other out because they were both too lazy to take three steps to retrieve a textbook. Then two girls tried to rip each other apart (literally- pile of hair found on the scene afterward) because one said something about the other in my class. They were considerate enough to wait until they got to the end of the hall before attacking so they wouldn't mess up my classroom. And this was all before lunch! Needless to say I got a bit of an adrenaline rush between anticipation of fights and actually pulling the girls off each other.

I can't wait for Saturday- I get to spend the whole day outside pounding a hammer or something like that. Productive release of energy.

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