Saturday, June 16, 2007

productive day

Today has been a day of accomplishment. I scheduled tours at 3 apartment complexes for Monday. I nearly finished my scrap book (from high school, but it had to get done someday). My car survived a hail storm. Bought glue sticks to finish the scrap book and a pillow filler to make a matching pillow for my recently completed (yay!) blanket. Then I taught myself how to crochet ripples. In the process I found a pattern for a cell phone case with nipples... almost as strange as the freeform crocheter. It takes all kinds!

Yesterday I went to a tag sale and got a grater, butter dish, matching vase and tupperware. All for $2! I'm making some progress on the overwhelming list of items I need. I also packed up everything I want to take from this house except some books that I need to throw in a box.

Tonight I will finish the scrapbook and pack books. Then everything will be done and I can feel free to spend all my time tangled in yarn :D.

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