Wednesday, June 20, 2007

depressed activist

Went to Radio Shack today to buy new batteries for the cordless phones. They don't make that kind of battery any more, the 2 year old phones are outdated. Plus, batteries cost more than a new phone, batteries included. The old phones are trash- they're useless without batteries, no one wants the phones even though they work perfectly. So now we put 2 handsets, bases, cords and electricity converters into the land fill to hang out for who knows how many years.

Then I came home to an email suggesting I watch this video. It was a little upsetting to say the least.

The next email in my inbox was from Grist, telling me that China now is now the biggest polluter in the world (beating out the US by 8%), but the reason is that the US is now outsourcing manufacturing there. That means lots of use of fuel for travel, plus all the dirty energy there.

In other news, found an apartment in Methuen that I love. But I had to apply for affordable housing and won't know for a few weeks if I got it. Four years of college and a licensure program get me a salary that qualifies for affordable housing? In fact, I might not even make enough to qualify to live in this complex. Education is important, isn't it?

The world is yucky today.

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