Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm here, back at school, back in my dorm, back on a schedule and soon to be back to teaching.

Its weird, sad, exciting, different but the same. All my friends aren't living in the dorm anymore, but enough people have come to visit that its not terribly lonely and new. The other staff members seem nice, the other TA's are so young though! Who knew I'd think rising juniors seem young. The head resident is super organized, which is so helpful.

Today I went on an adventure. I was supposed to drive to a school in Amherst, but ended up traveling through lots of back roads into Shutesbury and Leverett and who knows where else. I did finally accomplish my goal of retrieving walkie-talkies! Yay toys that are somehow so much cooler than cell phones.

Tonight I play cards and contemplate the mathematical implications.

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