Thursday, December 14, 2006

watch out

I don't know what was scarier this evening- my outfit or my dodgeball skills. My team spirit certainly was not lacking. 80's dodgeball was a big hit, having the dean on our team was a blast and I'm quite proud of our overall performance (even if my abilities had nothing to do with our success). There are photos that I'm not willing to put here (they're on facebook) but I can tell you that they are bright! I will show you a photo of our mascot- (our team name was the sharks)

This has to be the hippest shark ever. We were quite a hip team!

In other news, its mid-December and it rained today. I was disappointed in the lack of white fluffiness. Finals is supposed to be about snow fights, sledding and home made italian ice, not being spooked by people who appear magically out of the fog. Maybe we'll have snow by christmas? If I leave all my skis and sleds at school we're sure to have a ton of snow while I'm home.

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