Friday, December 15, 2006


This afternoon I spent 45 minutes swimming laps and discovered I love it. Of course, today was the last day the pool is open until mid-January. Someone remind me that I wanted to keep doing this after Jan 15?

I went with my friend today to get her hair cut. She cut off 11 inches to donate. Its been ages (read: 6 years) since my hair hit my shoulders. Looking back at pictures I wonder why I ever thought I looked good with my hair all pulled back and tucked into a bun. I thought it made me look sophisticated, but to be quite honest nothing is going to make me look old, or even look my age. My education professor told us that in past years girls traded brooches and other such old lady accessories to wear for student teaching to establish 'appropriate distance' from the students. Maybe I finally will find a use for those earrings my dad bought me.

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