Sunday, March 18, 2007


I built stuff this weekend! Ikea is now my new favorite store, even though I've never been there I feel that I know it well, my parents bought the place out and brought it all to our basement for me to build. I constructed 3 sets of shelves, 2 lamps, a media cabinet and a computer desk. Didn't see much of the outdoors, but I fully enjoyed it.

Friday I nearly crashed head-on with another car, on the highway. Cars should not be facing me as I drive on the highway. It was snowy and they spun out, full 180 degrees to be facing toward me in my lane, I swerved around with maybe 6 inches to spare. After I got my heart back into my chest and beating at a reasonable rate, I laughed at the sports car stuck in the pile of snow on the side of the road. Didn't he check the weather before deciding to go out in that useless vehicle?

When discussing where I would live next year my parents mentioned that I would not be able to take my plants with me if I moved across country. I'm fully reconsidering the advantages of Oregon, I will not give up my babies. Someone will want to road trip in a moving van with me this summer, right?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So ridiculously appalling its funny:

...he would endorse prenatal hormonal treatment — if such a technology were developed — to reverse homosexuality. He said this would no different, in moral terms, to using technology that would restore vision to a blind fetus. "I realize this sounds very offensive to homosexuals, but it's the only way a Christian can look at it," Mohler said. "We should have no more problem with that than treating any medical problem."

On a more cheerful note, Happy Pi Day. I celebrated by studying irrational numbers with my Algebra I students. Yay for relating class to the real world, or really, forcing math onto the real world.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I would do that.

So I finally sat down and applied for jobs. I submitted two online applications for advertised openings and emailed 10 districts asking if they have openings. After I sent all of those emails I read over the resume I had been attaching, lo and behold, I had notes to myself on the second page of the document. The page I wouldn't print, but gets sent along in an attachment. Nothing terribly embarrasing, just a few positions I decided to leave off the final copy and a question if I should include my related coursework. Not professional looking at all though. Maybe they won't even read my resume, they'll want a full application through some website anyway, right? At least I didn't send that to the jobs who actually have openings.

In other news, I started teaching my third class today. My cooperating teacher is very bored, she only has one class left. They seemed intrigued by the fact that I brought in props (a hacky sack to study projectile motion), I'll have to do that more often.

Everyone goes on spring break next week, but I have to stay on campus. That will be strange and lonely. Expect many more updates then.