Monday, March 12, 2007

I would do that.

So I finally sat down and applied for jobs. I submitted two online applications for advertised openings and emailed 10 districts asking if they have openings. After I sent all of those emails I read over the resume I had been attaching, lo and behold, I had notes to myself on the second page of the document. The page I wouldn't print, but gets sent along in an attachment. Nothing terribly embarrasing, just a few positions I decided to leave off the final copy and a question if I should include my related coursework. Not professional looking at all though. Maybe they won't even read my resume, they'll want a full application through some website anyway, right? At least I didn't send that to the jobs who actually have openings.

In other news, I started teaching my third class today. My cooperating teacher is very bored, she only has one class left. They seemed intrigued by the fact that I brought in props (a hacky sack to study projectile motion), I'll have to do that more often.

Everyone goes on spring break next week, but I have to stay on campus. That will be strange and lonely. Expect many more updates then.

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