Sunday, March 18, 2007


I built stuff this weekend! Ikea is now my new favorite store, even though I've never been there I feel that I know it well, my parents bought the place out and brought it all to our basement for me to build. I constructed 3 sets of shelves, 2 lamps, a media cabinet and a computer desk. Didn't see much of the outdoors, but I fully enjoyed it.

Friday I nearly crashed head-on with another car, on the highway. Cars should not be facing me as I drive on the highway. It was snowy and they spun out, full 180 degrees to be facing toward me in my lane, I swerved around with maybe 6 inches to spare. After I got my heart back into my chest and beating at a reasonable rate, I laughed at the sports car stuck in the pile of snow on the side of the road. Didn't he check the weather before deciding to go out in that useless vehicle?

When discussing where I would live next year my parents mentioned that I would not be able to take my plants with me if I moved across country. I'm fully reconsidering the advantages of Oregon, I will not give up my babies. Someone will want to road trip in a moving van with me this summer, right?

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