Tuesday, August 28, 2007

life is coming, fast!

Wednesday and Thursday brought the rest of new teacher orientation. Basically I sat and absorbed as much information as I could, then spent the rest of the day looking attentive. I made a plan for how to start classes, outlined a syllabus and got answers to all my questions, plus a lot of questions I never knew I had.

Friday morning I had to get up early and wait for the cable guy to come change me to basic cable. The guy offering the great deal of 1 free month of expanded never told me that someone would have to come out to change things after a month, arg. Then I went to lunch in Boston with friend #1, headed to New Haven to spend a couple nights with friend #2, backtracked to back woods CT to see friend #3, scooted over to central CT to see the family, traveled across to RI for a day at the beach and finally reached home Monday night. It was awesome to see everyone, especially with the interesting variety of city/rural life I experienced. As much fun as traveling is, it was great to get home and putter around my own place. This really does feel like home now, and it looks like its my space- I've settled in!

Today brought a day full of training in Bridges to Algebra. Its a curriculum set up very similarly to my summer program, which is awesome. I'm interested to see the computer program we're supposed to use 2 days a week. The whole thing is very scripted, but the training dude seems to realize that flexibility is key, so this could work. Tomorrow brings further instruction on how to instruct this class. I'm missing all the school bonding and team planning, which is icky, but if I have to miss it, I'm glad that I'm missing it for a curriculum I like.

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