Saturday, August 11, 2007


Enter Internet. Its been a lonely 1.5 weeks here without internet connectivity, but tons has happened.

I have: a new apartment, new bed and dresser, new dining room set and cabinet (that I got to build-yay!), almost everything they sell in the Christmas Tree Shop, new car and most importantly- a shiny new adjustable wrench. You may think my priorities are a little off, but I swear the wrench was the most exciting thing I bought all week. I might have enough tools now to pull off the heavy duty tool belt when I head to Habitat builds.

I am headed out tonight with the only person I know around here- and know is using that term really loosely. He was our waiter at lunch and was excited that I'm new in town so I got his phone number. Next weekend someone is having a get together for all the high school teachers, maybe I'll make some friends there? Its not that I have trouble making friends when there are people around, I just don't know where to meet people- why don't new towns come with orientation and name games?

There were lots of other interesting little things that happened- like the water in my shower being installed backwards so I took a shower with the coldest water possible thinking that I was encouraging hot water. I also lost my voice for my first few days in town- so I had to have my mommy talk for me- that didn't make me feel very grown up or independent. Almost all of last weekend was spent in the car exploring and learning my way around. My friend and I got asked if we knew each other from college (we d0)- it was weird, because only old people get visits from college friends. When did we get old?

The only thing left to set up is decorating the walls. It is an intimidating task- probably because of the permanence of it- so I've been letting the pile of paintings, pictures and puzzles sit in the corner until someone comes to help.

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