Tuesday, May 29, 2007

life overload

I'm no longer a student, but an alum.

Laurel parade was absolutely beautiful. Alums are adorable and I'm so thrilled to be one. Canoe sing went perfectly, no one ended up in the lake and all the songs were stuck in my head for days. Graduation itself was nice, but kind of anti-climatic. I wore shorts and a sports bra under my gown because it was so hot out. It was a smart thing to do, but posing for a photo showing off my outfit was not so smart- one of the professional photographers snapped a few shots too! Hopefully that won't end up somewhere embarassing.

I am currently sitting on the porch at home, surrounded by a mountain of my belongings. I have no idea where to put it all- there's no point in unpacking everything just to pack it again in 3 weeks, but there isn't sufficient storage space here to have boxes. I have to go to Boston at least 3 more times, probably lots more, to find a job. Then once I have a job I need an appartment. And then a car. I might want furniture, cooking supplies and any other things that are necessary for independent living. All this has to be done before September, and there are 5 weeks in June/July that I'm scheduled 24-7 for camp. No problem?

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