Monday, February 19, 2007


I have the week off, and its wonderful. Saturday was a lovely day of birthday celebration. Out to lunch, dinner and a campus party. I'm not sure why we never managed to go to drag ball in previous years, but I'm very glad we went this year.

Today has been a day of educational discussions. I've been educated and also discussed my education of others. The looming pile of licensure paperwork has lots of colored stickies on it, which supposedly means its more organized. At the very least its physical proof that I accomplished something today.

I'm rather shocked how busy I am this week, considering that the majority of my time is usually spent at school and I don't have to go. I'm supposed to go home to visit at some point, and I can't figure out when the best time will be to do that since there's some meeting or event every day! Overcommitted? Can't say no? Not me!

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