Monday, February 05, 2007


Did I mention things are busy? I thought this week would be calm, not true. It will certainly be calmer, but never calm. That's okay though, I'm always itching to be busy, I love having projects to focus on and I've felt really productive lately.

Student teaching is going really well. I may even be on my own for an entire day on Friday. My supervising teacher is going to be out (she's going to New Orleans for the weekend) and I might get to be the substitute for all of her classes. 35 Algebra I students, all at once, wow!

We got a couple inches of snow on Friday. I went sledding on Saturday, and I didn't injure myself at all (ignoring my left tricep which is achy), but I don't have any bruises, which is a big deal for me. It definitely feels like winter these days, what with the 12 degrees feels like -4. That makes me less concerned about the state of the world, more concerned about the state of my fingers, which I can't feel when driving, even with gloves on.

I went to an award ceremony today. Its always inspiring to hear about the amazing things that students and alums do. I was honored to be among those described. They presented me with a large wrapped package, which I opened when I got back to my room. Its a diploma frame. It is beautiful and professional looking, but scary, because it is supposed to contain a diploma, which I get when I graduate, which happens when I leave here. So I decided to leave the frame on my bed and ignore it. My friend walked into my room this evening, looked at it, and jumped 3 feet away when she realized what it was. Its funny how fearful we are of graduating. For now I will focus on my friend's motto: I'm not graduating today.

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