Friday, June 25, 2010

Pantry Challenge

So, apparently I haven't blogged for a while. Twitter is easier, life was crazy (3 grad classes and teaching full time last semester) and I didn't have a lot to say that wasn't being said. Tonight I watched Julie & Julia (I know, I'm way behind the times, I also signed up for the netflix free trial today, haven't decided yet if I'll keep it, it might make me catch up with the world of movies) and simultaneously realized that I'm moving in 1.5 months. In an effort to pack less, I am going to attempt to eat meals inspired by my pantry daily until I move.

There are two reasons my pantry is full- first, I tend to eat in phases. I'll be really excited about rice dishes for a long time, then get sidetracked by stir fry, and then move on to couscous. Of course I buy everything in the big bag/box because I'm so excited about it, or trying to reduce packaging, or the "harina precocida" only comes in a huge bag. The second reason is that I often know only one or two recipes to make with that particular noodle/flour/rice. Especially in cases where I wasn't particularly excited about the results of the first attempt to use something, it lingers, getting pushed further and further back on that endlessly deep shelf, until I have more bags of flour than I care to admit (or am brave enough to open!).

So, tomorrow I will take stock of everything that is in my pantry and head to the cookbooks/internet to learn exactly what I can eat to use up all of the assorted items that have accumulated. I'm starting with dry goods, though I have also built up quite the stockpile of sauces, vinegars, spices, etc. but those seem easier to move so they will get tackled later (or more likely used as I add flavor to everything on the other shelves of the pantry).

I will try to post recipes and progress here, if only because it will keep me focused. Feel free to share any ideas or suggestions!

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