Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Does Size Matter? APLS Carnival

This month I hosted the APLS blog carnival and had a great round of contribution regarding all matters of size.

For Robbie becoming a mom was what got her serious about her environmental efforts, so the increase in family size played a big role in how she thought about being green.

Lisa and I thought about how having just a few people in our households affects things like meal planning. We also compared ourselves to the green moms who seem to dominate the blogosphere.

For others, family size was not the deciding factor, rather something else trumped it. For Steph family size is less important than time and energy available to dedicate to green efforts. And Kellie said, "I find the bigger contention lies not in how many people are in our family, but what those family members are willing to do."

Linda looked into product size, and discovered that the way to reduce packaging was by buying more.

Finally, a couple people looked at how the size of their house affected their ability to be environmentally friendly. At one end of the spectrum is Heather who finds that since her house is smaller than she might like it is hard to store food and have equipment for different green projects. At the other end is Abbie who feels some eco-guilt for having built such a large house for just the two of them (soon to be three!), but I have no doubt she will make good use of the space for a lifetime.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! It was great to read all the viewpoints of the APLS members who come to the sustainability movement from varying perspectives. Look for the next carnival at the APLS blog, Kellie will be announcing her fall themed topic soon.


  1. Thanks for hosting a great carnival!

  2. Thanks so much for the topic and for hosting this month. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's submissions.

  3. Thanks for hosting! I can't wait to read all the posts (maybe this weekend?).


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