Wednesday, March 04, 2009

another electric development

So, this winter has been a rough one in terms of my electricity usage. There were some unexpected spikes that could not be explained, except perhaps by the cold weather making the hot water heater work extra hard. Today though, I got my electric bill, and recorded my lowest usage yet!

Here's the run down of the insanity:
From when I moved in August '07 through October '08 my numbers ranged from 60-100 kWh, tending toward the low 60's at the end.
November: 137 kWh (double the previous several months!)
December: 301 (double Nov. which is 4 times 'normal'!)
January: 192 (better, but still very high)
February: 59 kWh (my lowest number ever)

Without November-January in there, the low number in Feb. wouldn't have been terribly surprising since I was away on vacation for a week in Feb. but that is a huge drop in a month that was still very cold. All I can say is this was an interesting adventure, and I'm glad to be back to the realm of normal. I hope we stay here, it's nice. Also, thank goodness for renewable sources of electricity- I never actually passed the 10% line during all this, so at least I wasn't suffering major carbon guilt along with the confusion and outrage.

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