Friday, August 08, 2008

Living Sustainably

For the APLS carnival, I was going to write about living sustainably as being able to sustain yourself, with only a small community of people you actually know to depend on. I was going to tell you about growing my own vegetables, which is something I can do well, but needing someone else to hem my pants, because I simply cannot motivate myself to do it. I still believe that this small community is important. Less travel for goods and simply understanding the process that goes into the production of the items we consume is essential. But, as I write this, I am watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We are, and should be, part of a global community. What is happening in China matters to me. The political actions that their government takes as well as the simple beauty of the Chinese character for Harmony represented stunningly in the center of an enormous arena have an impact on my own life. Perhaps the most environmentally friendly way to engage in this global community is through the internet, such as the global handshake that is passing around the world. Today I virtually shook hands with a woman in France, in solidarity, friendship and "committing to hold all our governments to a higher standard of peace, justice and respect for human dignity wherever they fall short." Living sustainably should not just be about sustaining myself, but sustaining the entire world that we share. I would say more, but I think the most important thing to do right now is appreciate the global unification of the Olympics. Watch these ceremonies, and feel how interconnected the world is. Then, in two weeks, we can decide how to capitalize on these connections for the betterment of our enormous society.


  1. I think this is a really important point - as much as it is very important to build local communities, we can't forget the bigger picture and the fact that we're all part of the larger global community!

  2. Beautiful post. As I watched the games the other day with my boys, a hundred different posts about the Olympics and what we can learn about them floated around in my head.

  3. Can you believe I actually CRIED while watching the opening ceremony?? WTF? I was sooooo moved by the actions of so many people moving in unison...and I was awestruck.

    I guess I'm so used to seeing each of us assert our own individuality, that I forget how powerful it is when many work together with the same goal.


  4. It's interesting that the more green and local I become the more global I become too. It's like I'm 'seeing' everyone's humanity. That's why I don't feel too bad about flying to other cities/countries. And I enjoy trying different spices/cuisines, seeing foreign films or talking with people who are visiting from other countries. I'm a citizen of the world as well as the USA.

  5. You are so right. We need to stop thinking about ourselves as individuals. We are all part of a much larger society. We all affect each other and should be collaborating towards a common goal.

    Like how each individual moving in unison during the opening ceremony became part of a much larger movement. Each important in their own role, but only when working together as one large unit did it become something beautiful and awe inspiring.


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