Thursday, May 01, 2008

sprinting, my new hobby

When I told one of my classes yesterday that I was "allergic to the outside" they were shocked and confused. They wondered how I could get home. I told them (exaggerating a bit) that I run from school to my car, then again run from the car to my apartment. One student was concerned that I wouldn't be able to go shopping, I assured her I could still run out to my car, and then run into the store. I explained that if I don't do that, my eyes get red and my face puffs up. Another student said I would look like a smoker, which wouldn't be good.

This morning I woke up with a puffy red eye, and no amount of eye drops was going to fix the problem completely. First thing someone says to me when they arrive to class: "You didn't run fast enough to your car this morning!"

Happy May Day!

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