Monday, April 07, 2008


School seems so much more manageable coming after a wonderful weekend. Dinner party at my place on Friday. Saturday and Sunday spent traveling to Northampton, seeing an awesome concert (Girlyman), catching up with some college friends, playing an intense game of spoons (we broke a table!), kickball and ordering pizza at midnight. Sunday brought some browsing time in the always entertaining stores of Northampton. I had no trouble sticking to my promise of buying nothing, I just enjoyed reading the t-shirts and laughing at the absurd things that people come up with. I still really want one of those almost mathematical stone sculptures from 10,000 villages, but I don't have anywhere to put one.

I can't believe I have reached fourth quarter. I actually had to sit down and plan how I'm going to *end* the year last night. Senior finals are approaching even faster and I fear that they will be here before I'm anywhere near prepared to let those students go.

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