Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!

Today is pi day, 3-14/3.14 I celebrated by listening to a musical rendition of the digits of pi. Preview can be found here. I downloaded it for the first million digits, which takes 48 hours to listen to. Obviously didn't get very far, for some reason my students found it annoying to listen to after a while. I think its fascinating, but much more enjoyable at a slower tempo. We also found birthdays (mddyy) in the first million digits, mine appears 6 times, but I didn't actually search it at school. They think I'm at least 25, and thats cool with me! Finally, we estimated the value of pi by dropping virtual needles near a line. Seriously, who comes up with this? Apparently the ratio of times it hits to the times it misses the line ends up being pi. I'd love to read the proof for that one.

On a totally unrelated note:
Here's one problem I never expected to have. I have too little trash. What? Now that I can recycle paper, plastic and glass, I hardly throw anything away. This is awesome in the not filling up the landfill kind of way. But I also don't fill up the trash can, so I don't take out the trash, so it gets smelly. Ergo I'm forced to throw out bags that aren't completely full, how wasteful! Woe is me.

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