Monday, November 27, 2006


My math professor made me feel awful today. It would be bad enough to just be told that I'm not living up to my potential. But since I've been reading all about classroom management I'm analyzing my study habits. Add to that the constant discussion of how we should learn concepts and not follow formulae blindly and I feel especially bad about the way I have been treating this class recently. Of course, 14 hours a week is totally unreasonable for one class, but I could have gone to talk to the prof when I was confused rather than staring at the problems and packets blindly. It would be easier not to care if he wasn't such a nice guy and I didn't see his point so well. Being a teacher isn't gonna be easy, I don't want to be disappointed in my students, or for them to be disappointed in me!

In other news, TA-ing tonight was a huge self-esteem boost. This group of students makes a particular effort to come to my hours (there are 3 TAs for this class). I'm doing something right!

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